Branding For Corporate Companies

Reputation Management and Branding services for Corporate Companies

Having an ORM is very important because Building the reputation of your company is the strong foundation upon which you improve or create a good customer base. It helps in maintaining a level of transparency and trust amongst your customers. Customers online also type out keywords associated with their preferred brand hence keeping the keywords according to customer requirements is very important, our ORM services focus on this aspect as well. We continuously track online activities hence our online review management and reputation management system creates a complete package which ensures trust, a constant customer base and longevity of your company.

We at KGN technologies understand the burden of the responsibility your company holds to the public. We have tailored solutions which ensure that the reputation of your company will never be affected. The attacks you may receive could be direct or indirect. Our Search engine 

Optimization management system oversees and analyses your traffic and molds it to form a favorable outcome.

What are the strategies we have under corporate reputation and branding services?


To bring out a targeted approach to putting out the right keywords or focus on the right subject we use microsites. We can keep them on a short term or a long term basis according to your need. These are used to bring a certain order and organization to your page.

SNS overseeing

Social networks are indeed an important aspect of every person who has a network connection. It stands as one of the most important aspects of any brand’s reputation. Facebook, Instagram, twitter any of the sites you can name we promise to push your best no matter what.

Image, Audio and Video management

We focus on wider coverage throughout all forms of media. We post images, audios ad even videos to push your company to the forefront.


We ensure that enough blogs are created to ensure that your page stays in the top end of google searches. Creation of topic-specific blogs is also a brilliant way to bring up your reputation in any competitive field. We also focus on Microblogs in sites like Twitter and Instagram which ensure that your reputation is never defamed. Microblogging also enables your relevance in the virtual world.


Wiki- sites are one of the best platforms to promote your company as it is a hub of information. We will ensure that this platform is used to your advantage and build your reputation.

Effective Back Linking

We place the best links to high-quality websites to boost your reputation. This also brings you stronger relevance in the market.

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