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Website Designing for Start-Ups and Small Business

A small budget should never be the compromising factor for the quality of your website. This might be the Beginning a thousand miles for your new establishment. Though you may see tons of fancy websites which are used by most companies. It may be a part of your initial guess that it is extremely expensive and it is probably a good move to keep the website as your last priority. 

This is where the experience of KGN technologies, works to your advantage. As one of the leading names in Hyderabad, India for Small business website Development Company we guarantee the best returns. Get to know us and our services better by scrolling down. As India’s top website development service providers for small Businesses we never fail to impress.

Why opt for a website even if you have a small business?

If we were in an age of no computer or even that time when computers along with internet were just emerging, then yes, a website could be counted as a luxury. However, at this day and age when everyone is connected to the internet and they take this form of convenience everywhere at the palm of their hands, the reality is that the playing field has changed. If you do not change your strategies, your dream company may stay within the vicinity of your neighbourhood or your local customer base. From the customer’s end, it is also taxing if they have to travel a long way to avail your services. As this may impede their flow of work or series of activities.  

The old method also makes growth challenging, especially if you are new to the market. Besides the factor of visibility, if you have a product you wish to sell to the masses, your website is a safe and trustworthy platform. They could avail this product by requesting the same from another part of the world. The website also gives an approximation of the amount the customer needs to spend. The website could also provide the data which gives the customer the freedom to make judgements which may work to your favour. A website which is updated with every piece of information a customer has to know gives you the edge as it sets the tone of professionalism. 

Hence, it is no doubt that having a website as a part of your marketing arsenal in the current scenario has multi-faceted advantages. Though the concept of having a website for your small business may boggle you as your investment for the startup has cost you a lot, we have exactly what you need. We have this segment specifically designed to cater to your need for a website within a small budget. 

What facilities do KGN technologies provide as the best website developer for small businesses?

Here at KGN, we have a solution for everyone. Our website solutions work within the constraints of any budget. With the experience we have garnered over the years, we have developed an understanding of the market. Therefore we have a heightened level of clarity when it comes to planning our steps forward within the minimized budget range given to us. Here is a list of the basic aspects we cover as a part of our small business website development venture.

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Marketing
  • Responsive design
  • SEO & SEM
  • Content management systems
  • Mobile web design
  • Web strategy for business
  • Branding

 We uphold a moral code to keep quality as our key aspect. It is and always has been our defining point amidst the competition we have as a Website development company in Hyderabad, India. Our sole aim is to push your enterprise to a higher pedestal, which gives you access to greater heights and new doorways to take your journey forward. Avail the services of India’s leading website developers for small businesses right away. 

What are the unique features of KGN technologies which sets it apart from the rest as a unique website development company for small businesses?

Integration and incorporation

With the different platforms of social media on the rise, it would be a folly to not use them as a part of your marketing strategy, with this same package we give you an integrated approach where your website is also marketed with social media.


As mentioned above our packages are very affordable. We give specific services which give you the primary boost to reach better things. This does not mean that we provide limited services. We make it a point to push you to a higher ground, which gives you new openings and better opportunities to expand. This could set you off to the start of the empire which you wish to build.

High-quality setup 

Quality is our top priority irrespective of the budget involved. Though we only utilize a small portion of your investment, you can rest assured that what we provide for you is the same we give all our clients. The only difference is we are smart and concise to give you the right amount of boost.

Essentials and more

Do not let the name misguide you! Although the service is categorized as ‘Website design for small businesses’, the services we provide are much more than just the basics. We understand that to give you the best reach, we will have to push beyond the rest. Your satisfaction is the best reward.  

Effective and ROI oriented strategies

We understand that as you are preparing to launch yourself to greatness, every penny counts. We believe in smart and efficient work. Depending on the niche your market holds we plan out tailor-made strategies to increase your customer base and maximize results.

Quick results

As a by-product of our strategies and marketing campaign for your small website, you can see quick results over a very short period. Time is a very important factor in the development of any company. Time lost equates: bills not remitted, salaries not paid and eventually the cessation of your enterprise. As a meticulous Small business website development company, we promise to make every second you entrust to us is never wasted.

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