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We are one of the best local SEO services in the Indian market. We project the best of your services and focus on gathering the customer base you deserve in the local market. Generating leads and boosting local sales is our specialty and the best part is that the cost-effective services we provide, surpasses most of our competition for a lesser price.  Let us help you dominate the local market by keeping you at the top of organic search results and google maps. Because being the best we strive to bring the best out of the rest.

  • Pocket- friendly local SEO services
  • Monitoring organic ranking and mobile ranking
  • Review tracking for online sources
  • Manual citation building and auditing at its best
  • Marketing through google maps.

After years of hard work and planning, you have finally set up the dream job you yearned for and now are you looking for an opportunity to be seen? Is the market meant for the local crowd in your area? ‘Where to begin?’ is the question which rattles your mind? You have come to the right place.

Introducing local SEO services from KGN technologies. We are a knowledgeable and skilled workforce, experienced at pulling out the best opportunities in your local space, in the most budget-friendly manner possible. We understand the stress you go through to set up your dream enterprise, hence we will never cause a dent in your marketing budget. Let us help you garner the local customer base and boost your local market value in no time. We push forth and constantly strive to hold our spot as the leading Local SEO Company in India and we believe in growing together.

Why is Local SEO important?

Local SEO is a very important component if you wish to increase your income as it provides better visibility and moreover gives you the edge over your competitors. Availing the services of a local SEO specialist ensure that your company is a part of the top searches in the specific area you wish to set up your business. If your income is based solely on the customers in your locality, then having a Local SEO specialist take care of your website should be among your top priorities.  In this fast-paced world, grabbing the top spaces in the webpage is of paramount importance as many companies with the best quality services fail to be seen as the aspect of Local SEO is not taken care of.

Here is how we help in pushing you to the forefront. We offer the following services and fashion the image of your online platforms.

Weave the best-suited local content.

Local SEO optimized content need not be always, dull dry and boring. To pack the ‘right punch’ and to put your ‘best foot forward’, it is obvious that the website content should capture the minds of the reader by making it aesthetically pleasing. But the skill lies in optimizing the type of writing to produce the right results in every web search. Local SEO services from KGN technologies ensure that this balance is maintained. We also ensure that the keywords used by the local crowd is also incorporated as a part of the website.

Marketing through google maps

Utilization of Google maps is one of the best ways to get hold of the local market and one of the key steps of local SEO. Ensuring that you set up your google maps is a very important aspect of your local SEO setup. We also ensure that the NAP is properly set to increase your visibility. The key point to look at here is that google maps may be one of the first points of entry for your local customers.

Citing locally

What does local citation mean? In simple words, the name, address phone number and website is mentioned in every platform available. This ensures that your local SEO rankings are boosted. Our small business SEO ensures you the best quality citations and keeps you ahead in the game.

Local SEO using social media

 Social media in the current scenario is extremely important and it does not require any special mention. We use the best social media marketing techniques to ensure that the Local SEO is supplemented and your market’s visibility is increased. Another strategy we use is adding your company details to ‘Yellow book’, ‘Yelp’ and other directories

Through reviews

The impression of your previous customers plays a vital role in the image of your company. Moreover, it affects your SEO rankings. Therefore, our specialists will help you get good reviews and also take away the bad reviews. This is a very important aspect as it supports local SEO procedures.

Technical SEO

The requirements for local SEO is very similar to the pattern which the conventional SEO demands. Every aspect of your webpage which needs to be optimized will be taken care of by our professionals. Later on, the off-page SEO will be taken care of, therefore giving you a complete system which ensures that you are on demand.

Performance monitoring

We provide you with strategic data to show you the progress made in a specified time period. According to this we plan new strategy to sustain or push forward your traffic. We never stop till you are seen above the rest.

The best support – team

Our project supervisors are committed to the singular cause of pushing you to the top of the game. We assign project supervisors who ensure that they stay connected to you according to your convenience. Any improvements, changes or concerns will be dealt with straight away.

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