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Facebook as a platform has found a permanent position in the lifestyle of the current generation. The ability to connect to the different people across the world through a simple application which can rest in your pocket is a concept beyond the grasp of anyone almost a decade ago. The playing field has changed and hence the games of advertisement and promotions. We have above 2.4 billion users around the world, with 216.5 million users only in India. The platform is now extremely popular and this is one of the easiest access you can get to a widespread audience.

Promoting through Facebook advertisements and making the best out of this opportunity will never be a problem for you if KGN technologies are a part of your marketing team. Our experience in this filed will ensure that you make the best out of this opportunity and expand your brand and reach the best and cost-efficient way possible. We are one among the best Facebook promotion service providers available.

We have a varied range of options when promoting your product through Facebook. The application itself develops different options where you can publicize and build the brand for your product successfully. Given below are just a few tools which we use to our advantage to reap maximum benefits. 

Videos, images and GIFs

Short and sweet, this should always be the motto when making your video. A small clip for a minute which shows the best of what you have will draw the fleeting attention of a crowd. You can attach the advertisement to a landing page which talks more about your product but keep it concise and to the point when showing your video. The advertisements are usually a part of the regular feed where you can post your advertisement in the form of an image attached to a link which will take the user directly to a landing page even simple GIF is trending as a part of the marketing strategies used by most. 

Facebook page

You also have the option of promoting your product through a Facebook page. Here you can post events, discounts or make relevant or creative posts based on what you wish to sell. But again if your page is merely seen as a marketing tool, you may lose your crowd quickly. A platform with a human touch where people connect and enjoy your services. A place where your service or product as a part of their daily lives rather than just posters forced on to the faces of your potential customers. To handle a crowd of people just skimming through news feeds 


It’s not always the fanciest writing that captures the eyes and minds of the general crowd. Simple yet appealing, elegant yet relatable are a few tactics on uses to catch the attention of the crowd. Sometimes a simple post with written content is all that’s need to capture the minds of your customer base.

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