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Do I need SEO services?

Everyone has a website, but if you were to think, how is it that when you type a certain service requirement online a certain set of websites pop up first? What determines this? This is the work of a team of SEO experts who use different strategies and techniques to push your website to the top of the search engines. Moreover, since most purchases happen online, customers make it a point to research your product and find more about the same. Our SEO services make it a point to sculpt the best version of your product or services and ensures that they come to the top of the searches. But of course, you need affordable and top quality Search engine optimization services who are experts in the fields to help you with this hence its best you go through our services and let our work speak for itself.

How much time will it take you to push my website to the top of the search engines?

This is very subjective and depends on your website’s current Optimization level and the level of competition in your respective fields. As we are one of the top SEO companies we ensure you get results at an accelerated rate which could range from three to four months or even six to twelve months.

How will I be updated regarding the work you are doing?

As one of the best SEO services in India which has a reach around the world, we have a systematic hierarchy for the flow of information through our organization. For our clients, we have a single point of contact, a project manager who will take care of all your queries and concerns. He will be available to communicate with you through your medium of choice (Email, Skype, phone etc.). Based on the terms of the project, we are also prepared to send you weekly or monthly reports which give you a detailed written description regarding the changes we have made or new developments on your website.

Does pay per click even work? How do we know?

Pay per click services is bound to give you quick results over short periods. You will see the boost in your sales very quickly when you start implementing PPC. This aspect is entirely in your hands as we work depending on the budget you assign for each of these campaigns. You can monitor and control your PPC campaigns very easily. The best PPC management services are here at your disposal to guide you through and help you reach your goals.

Will you be managing our social media accounts?

Being one of the top companies for Social media promotions we guarantee that we will take care of each of your social media accounts and optimize the same to provide you with maximum returns for your investments. Even if you have promotion campaigns for multiple social media accounts we will manage them while you focus on the quality of your product. You can bank on us to ease your burden to reach the top.

Will you be doing paid promotions?

Our typical social media marketing campaigns come with organic activities – we will optimize your social presence across channels and build an audience there. And we will organically promote your business to generate leads. If you want us to run paid campaigns on social media, we can customize your social media marketing package.

Are negative reviews completely removed as a part of your Reputation management services?

To be honest no one except the person who posted the review (or moderators of websites which post reviews) can take down the same. But we coax your satisfied customers to post positive reviews and feedback so that the negative reviews are pushed to the last pages which are not easily visible to potential customers who are skimming through your product.

What are the costs of your services?

Our services are always available are priced at a very nominal fee, which depends entirely on the services you wish to take. As many of the customers require multiple packages we try to create a price range which is most suitable for you. We promise to be a burden to your investment. We provide one of the most Cost-effective, Pocket-friendly packages for Digital marketing services in India.

How much time will it take to see the results of your services?

This depends entirely on the service you choose, the domain you are in, the competition involved, the target audience and where you are at the moment. Your PPC management system, be it through Facebook advertising or Google AdWords campaign, you will see results very quickly. If it involves optimizing your website you could see an improvement over two to three months. For SEO services you will start observing slight improvements after three to four months. To get a more substantial outcome you a have to wait for over six to twelve months. As mentioned before this is very substantial, based on a lot of factors. However, we will go through a thorough inspection of all these factors and give you an estimated time as to when you will start to see results. You can however be rest assured that we will be using everything in our power and capability to give you quick results. As the best Digital marketing services in India, we have the duty of upholding the promise of Quick results and quality services.

 Do you agree to sign a no disclosure agreement?

We have been providing services to our clients for more than nine years. We ensure that our client’s private data is secure. All our employees make it a point to sign a no disclosure agreement to protect your privacy. We are also prepared to sign a No disclosure agreement with our customers. We are one of the Top companies for digital marketing, we understand the value of privacy and exclusivity for each of our clients.

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