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Why avail our services?

  • The first round of results on Google maps
  • Expertise with diverse industries
  • An elite team of google marketing experts
  • Faithful and reliable customer care service every day throughout the week.
  • Cost-effective and pocket-friendly

Google Maps marketing: what is it? Why do I need it?

Imagine you walk down the street of a newly relocated area and you need to find the nearest boutique to gift you beloved a dress. The first thing you impulsively do being moderately knowledgeable with technology is to take out your phone and google “best boutique near me” in google maps. Viola! “ABC boutique” How is it that “ABC boutique” popped up first? What determines this and how does one make it to the top of the search? 

 This is where Google Maps SEO plays a crucial role. Google maps SEO ensures that you are easily “seen” in the google maps app. this is especially helpful for local business. The visibility of your company on google maps is the sole objective of our specialists here at KGN technologies. So why waste? Make haste and check out our packages today. 

In the hoodlum of competing companies, here are a few reasons as to how we are a step apart from the rest as the leading Google maps marketing service providers in India.

Well-crafted and optimized profile for ‘Google my Business’.

Our experts at KGN technologies will ensure that the most frequently used keywords are included as a part of your profile and also optimize your page according to the user’s demand.

Well-designed google posts

We have experienced copyrighters, who weave the perfect content, keeping in mind the crowd you wish to capture and the image you wish to portray.

Review management

Reviews are the customer’s perspective on your product. It acts as the bridge which connects the void a new customer seeking your service may have. We will ensure that the customers who are satisfied with your product to leave reviews and also respond to the queries and complains as well.

Frequent posts on social media accounts

Social media accounts shape the impression and image of your company to the outside world. Popular posts are also directly linked to the rankings made in google search as well. Hence, creating frequent posts which talk about what is happening in your company is a key aspect of publicity and bringing a certain sense of inclusivity among your clients.

Creation of the best quality Local citations and backlinks 

Local citations are usually underestimated for their value, but it is the point where one adds the information of your company to the main database. In other words, it is the point of contact of the world to your doorstep hence it should not be compromised. Our backlinks also bring out the prominence of your domain over the rest. We here at KGN technologies, try our best to show the best of ‘you’ to the world.

Manage and functionalize google maps paid ads.

Our specialists understand the power of Google Ads for your business and we have seen over the years how they play a major role in marketing. Hence for quicker results, google paid ads is the right way to go. Let us take the leading hand here and help in the growth of your local business.

Why choose us over the rest?

Never compromise on Quality

We believe in the one thing that defines and sustains a business empire. We go to any lengths to maintain the same. Be it creating backlinks or copyrighting, our services provide the best. Google maps SEO is the reason for the 

Communication: the key to progress

In this fast-paced world, the one thing which eases the movement is effective communication. We understand how precious a fraction of a second maybe, hence our support staff are more than happy to take your queries any time, any day.  

Individualized strategies

The market is filled with competition and formulas and general tactics used by most. We believe that each company has its unique niche and the strategies involved to bring out their best varies. Hence we craft our strategy based on the needs and requirements of the market.

Trust: the anchor 

Beyond any form of a bond, the one aspect we hold on is the trust which we treasure beyond anything. We maintain the relationship between our clients based on this and we never fail to deliver.

ROI centered strategy

We ensure that your product brings the best returns to your investment. Our strategy is based on the returns you receive and our craft lies in creating the perfect image of your perception. We follow tactics which are centered towards the results you obtain.

The key aspects which sets us apart from the rest as the leading Google map SEO services in India.

Best ROI within a short timeframe

The power of SEO is known to most and coupling that with the expertise and diligence we have to add makes us one of the strongest in the market. Our Global SEO practices will give the best returns for your investment due to our strategic measures and timely improvements within a short period.

Top class tools

We use the best, world-renown tools to give you quality output. Be it tools for keyword search or otherwise our company has experienced marketing agents which bring out the best of your product. We never compromise on our output and our core belief lies in growing together with our clients.

Analysis of competition

Competition is required for the development and improvement of any organization. This allows learning better techniques, strategies and helps the company to evolve collectively. We at KGN never back down from challenges and always keep our competition within our radar. We employ improved strategies based on the existing competition.


Our services are available at a very reasonable rate and we ensure that the quality factor is consistent throughout our services. We understand that the cost is a very important factor when it comes to sustenance and delivery of quality. We will never be a burden to your investment for our services are always priced reasonably.

Targeted enhancement 

Be it the areas of Pagination, Navigation, structured data or Crawl Errors; we target specific sections and make the enhancements in no time. Our tight-knit coordination and experienced personnel aid in this process for we understand the value of your time.

Specific Departments

 We have a different department to take care of different aspects. Some of them include a marketing team, project mapping team, audit report team, research team, so on and so forth. Our division of tasks ensures that the project is completed well within set deadlines thus ensuring that your work does not face any form of impediment.

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