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Native advertising is the form of advertising which complements the look and feel of the platform a person is using. These can be social media platforms, where the advertisement can be in the form of the feed. In comparison with banner Ads and display ads, Native advertisements do not stand out awkwardly. Nowadays we know an advertisement before even looking at the same and we are used to avoiding the content as we are engrossed with our day to day tasks. Here the people who invested in these Banner and display advertisements face a certain amount of loss. As a company which understands the latest trends in the market, we guarantee to provide you with the best native advertising services.

We have different categories of advertisements under native ads. They are:

“In-Feed” Ads

These advertisements are a part of the news feed of the social media platform that you may be using like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Search & Promoted Listings

Therese advertisements come as a part of the top of the google searches or a part of the sidebar.

Content Recommendations

These are articles which come as a part of the recommended articles which is just below the article you searched for or just finished reading. 

Why is Native advertising much sought after nowadays?

  • Up to twenty to sixty per cent of consumers look at native advertisements when compared to standard banner ads. Statistics also show that native ads have eighteen per cent more likely to get a purchase as compared to Banner ads.
  • Native advertisement is more engaging for the viewers. The consumers reach a point where they are tired of seeing advertisements. This is where native advertisements, though disguised in editorial content creates a much stronger impact as it directly approaches the consumer in need of your services.
  • Even though your consumers are aware that the content is a native advertisement. They go through the same as it contains the information they are looking for as well.

Though this is a much better choice than regular advertisements, this advantage comes with a cost. As these are part of the regular posts, there are consumer watchdogs like Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre which ensures that the consumers are not misled into buying products which do not deliver as per its claims. Hence creating top quality posts is a very important aspect which should not be overlooked.

Quality is one aspect in which KGN technologies will never compromise.

We have been a part of this field for more than a decade. Our strategies and understanding of the market give us the edge above most. Our content creators stand a class apart from the rest as they keep upgrading their skills to keep in par with the changing tides of the market. The best Native advertisement creators are here at your beck and call.

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