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An e-commerce venture like any other has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Creating an e-tail portal is not just about being a two-dimensional showcase. With the current level of competition, creating an experience for the customers which compensates for the lack of real-time experience is what gives the edge to the retailer.

 Here at KGN we always hold the position as one of the best E-commerce website designers in India. Although we are aware of the basic layout of an e-commerce web -page, we have been successful in bringing in novelty ad other unique details to add your personal touch to it. As successful E-commerce website designers, we see ourselves as sculptors who reflect a part of your enterprise in the website. 

Why opt for an E-Commerce website?

 Flipkart, Amazon, Club factory and more what is the one there is which holds all these enterprises together? They all follow the E-commerce website design as the basic layout of their website. Having an E-commerce enterprise is not easy. Just like in most businesses there are many aspects to be looked into. Customer care, delivery systems, payment security are just a few of them which can be named. But it all starts with a quick responsive, easy and functional website which does not have any form of glitch and gives the best user experience. 

The first step is the most crucial in this context as there is no physical place where customers can visit and do procedures spontaneously like a supermarket. At the same time, E-commerce portals can be visualized as an endless shopping mall with multiple choices which cannot be compared to a supermarket. Besides the possibility of an e-commerce portal gives the customer the advantage of buying products in bulk and it is delivered to your doorstep according to your convenience. This possibility of e-tail ensures that any product from any corner of the world can be brought to you and the customer need not worry about any aspect regarding how it is delivered. Despite these advantages, being human, it is very intrinsic in our behavior to feel and perceive the material products we wish to buy. Therefore those companies which make it more convenient for the customers to get the most accurate ‘feel’ of their product gets the upper hand. Apart from this the customers also have to wait for a certain period until the product is delivered. If they are not satisfied they have to wait till the responsible person comes back to pick up the product and they may have to start the process all over again. Certain product is there which cannot be delivered. Despite these disadvantages, the e-commerce website has opened other possibilities which were not even existent before. The key aspect is to have a very responsive website which updates and tracks shipments or responds to customer queries. 

Why choose KGN as your E-commerce website designer?

As mentioned above having a top-quality website is the starting point which gives the required boost in the right direction. Even if you are selling your range of products alone in your e-commerce website, you may face impediments. You could lose your money to a third-party website if the aspect of functionality is lacking in yours. You could also lose out on a lot of customers if your website is not functional although your product may be good. The website acts as ‘space’ which reflects your professionalism and quality. Your customers may gauge you based on your website quality as well. Don’t skip a beat and get the best E- commerce website designers in India and Hyderabad by your side.

What should you expect from us?

In our range of services, we provide the basic facilities and more. We ensure that the basic format like the search tab which response to keywords is provided. The products can be viewed in a grid format, with the option of adding multiple images for one product. The customer is provided with a password-protected account which can be accessed according to their convenience after initial registration. In the account, the customer can add their addresses, view their history and order statuses. The option to share a particular product via Facebook or other social media platforms are also provided. A section which shows new products and featured products is also available. Apart from these basic features, we can add more customizations which will make your website unique and give you the upper hand in the market.

Why should we be your first choice?

Dedicated supervisors

Having an E-commerce website dictates a thorough team of specialists who are always up and running for the task of maintaining your website. We assure you that we will keep your website running at prime condition. Each of our clients has a dedicated supervisor who takes care of all the necessary aspects. 


Although we focus on being and providing the best to our clients, we make sure to keep it light on the pocket for them. We understand the responsibility that money plays as a part of this. Creating a dent especially at the advent of a greater possibility is something we will not adhere to. 

Functional layout

An e-commerce website’s first objective is to have a simple and functional layout. To build this- though may seem simple- requires planning and elaborate strategy to bounce ahead of the competition. Our experience in this field gives us the advantage and a sense of direction which will put you in the race. Our format of working will take you a long way ahead from your competitors.

Quick results

Our strategic planning and functionality will undoubtedly give the results you are expecting. Moreover, we hold the distinct advantage of treading known terrains. Thus putting your company in the radar very quickly and giving you more profitable returns.  

Creative outputs

With limited manoeuvrability for this form of a website. Being creative is not an easy task. To give an impression of class and taste and keep the formulae of functionality intact requires a creative perception. Our workforce training in this form of website development, always increase the standards and explore greater heights.

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